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Can the Man Who Broke the Curse of The Bambino Save MMORPGs?
November 10, 2007, 10:35 pm
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Allakhazam recently interviewed Sox pitcher Curt Schilling about the unnamed MMO in development at his company, 38 Studios. In every interview I’ve read thus far, he’s reaffirmed my confidence that he is someone as passionate about gaming as we non-World Series MVPs are.

If he were some bored jock looking for a pet project to throw cash at, that’d be one thing, but Schilling’s been a hardcore gamer before some of you young whippersnappers were even a protein stain in your Pop’s tighty whiteys. In the article he reflects fondly on his days of playing pen-and-paper D&D, Wizardry on his Apple in the eighties, his favorite memories from EQ, and balancing WoW with an MLB career.

My hope is that with a devoted gamer at the helm, the bottom line will be about quality, innovation, and fun versus simply “How many units can we sell?” I’m not a diehard Spawn or Forgotten Realms fan. Heck, I’m not even a Sox fan (go Bombers!), but I think it was an exciting move to pull two dynamic heavyweights (McFarlane and Salvatore) from across two different mediums (comics and fiction) to head up 38 Studio’s creative team. These two creating the lore and visual style of the game is probably a very good sign.

In the article, Schilling reveals that 38 Studios have “put together a core group of people who have all been in on the production of previous MMOs from EQ to EQ2 to WoW to Final Fantasy and many more.” He goes on to say their “premier title has a budget over 60 million dollars.” Schilling broke the Babe Ruth curse for the Sox once then did it again in 2007. Here’s to hoping he can work his magic on the increasingly humdrum world of massive multiplayer gaming. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have high hopes for this one.

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