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Getting My Gnomish Feet Wet in the Adventuring Sphere
December 6, 2007, 11:21 am
Filed under: Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

My bloodmage dinged 10 last night in Vanguard. I was able to purchase his beginner’s mount with what silver I’d squirreled away from harvesting ore and stone and selling vendor trash. I was also lucky enough to have an uncommon lowbie chestpiece drop off one of the mobs in the library outside Mekalia which garnered me a wopping silver piece.

So I reached level 10 in four nights of casual play (2-3 hours an evening)–and that was with plenty of experience loss and mucking about not knowing what the hell I was doing. I acquired a new combat form that I haven’t had the chance to experiment with and it seems a bunch of new tabs popped up on my taskbar.

I made my way to Kahl, which is the human city on Qalia. There’s a lot more action here player-wise, but the city struck me as a little sparse in character, lacking the coziness and flavor of my toon’s gnomish home in Mekalia. I guess humans just aren’t as touchy-feely as us gnomes, embodied well in some very cool Kahlian architecture I spotted. The entrance to the town’s harbor is flanked by two imposing statues that really lend a harsh, militaristic feel to this port city.

I’ll have to find some trouble to get into there once I’ve had my fill of questing around Neamsong Bunker. I need to break in my new mount, so I’m opting for the open plains and plateaus until the novelty of not having to run everywhere gets old.

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