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Absence Makes the Smoking Heart of the Mountain Grow Fonder
January 9, 2008, 2:33 pm
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Over the past week, I ran both my level 65 rogue and 62 priest through Ramparts and Blood Furnace, two of the introductory five-man instances in Burning Crusade. Each can be completed in under an hour. This casual instancing was a refreshing change after memories of whole nights spent in MC and BWL with nothing to show for it but a hefty repair bill. WoW is the only MMO where I made it to–or participated in–endgame. And it was ultimately the monotony and scripted class roles of endgame raiding that burnt me out just prior to Burning Crusade’s release last year.

BC has given me the chance to return to what made WoW so appealing to me when I first discovered it three years ago–exploring the quirky, stylized world; adventuring with, and making new, in-game friends; and feeling like I’ve progressed in at least some very little way virtually every time I log off at the end of the night. My guild is a very big factor in making the game for me as well, so I have all of them to thank. I’m sure my year away from the game did a world of good too, but I have to give credit where credit is due.

Another thing WoW does right that many new games are always missing the boat on is Blizzard do a LOT with a little. Though the graphics are not the most advanced, I’d argue it looks better than any game out there outside of LoTRO and EVE. I know a lot of people have qualms with the Disney-esque, cartoonish world, but I’ll go to my grave preferring that look and feel to the rigid Barbie doll avatars of most other titles.

My relationship with WoW is definitely love/hate and right now I’m in the midst of my second honeymoon. If nothing else, my return has reminded me that just because I tend to root for the underdog, that doesn’t mean that the prom king can’t have redeeming qualities too.

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