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Shadows of Silithus
April 4, 2008, 9:40 am
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A good week-and-a-half into Warcraft’s patch 2.4 and despite the introduction of Magister’s Terrace I’ve gotta say–there’s not a hell of a lot keeping my attention. I guess WoW players jump through hoops with such willingness that Blizzard is just gonna continue serving us the leftover rep grinds of yesteryear (Timbermaw rep or Gates of AQ, anyone?) until WoTLK is released. Is anyone else getting bad flashbacks of the Silithus/Naxx grind they plugged in to satiate the masses pre-BC?

Part of Blizzard’s brilliance is their ability to recycle the same 5-10 basic tasks and make them seem fresh and new, whether you are level grinding, engaging in PvP, or dungeon crawling. When they succeed, they do so on a grand scale. But when they fail, they FAIL BIG. For every great thing about Warcraft, there’s a dark side–whether we’re talking about their chronically broken PvP system; the formulaic, dry, clunkiness of their raid scenarios; or the anti-fun rep grinds they seem hell bent on injecting into every aspect of the game.

But this has been a problem with WoW since day one–the huge discrepancy between the player experience from character creation to level cap and the drastically different, often regimented, playing field faced once max level is reached. There is little if any congruity between the two. I guess 2.4 just stirred up those old feelings of discontent in me.

It is stories–fantasy–after all, that got us here, and to sub out creativity and interactive storytelling with gear grinds, heroic key grinds, badge grinds, and any other sort of grind feels hollow as a suit of armor collecting dust in a museum, the hero who once animated its actions long dead.



Absolutely. Our little instance group is plodding along in the mid 60s right now and I’m hoping we don’t end up plateaued at 70 too long before Lich King hits.

Pre-TBC, life at the level cap for a non-raider was purgatory. Those rep grinds are completely unfun and the close we get to 70 with this new group, the more I see it rear its ugly head again.

Unfortunately, I think Blizzard is a victim of their own success and their commitment to polishing a game– the development cycle is so long that they’ve cynically resorted to kill 20 instead of kill 10 rats and rep grinds to extend the content.

I think they can’t keep up while at the same time are cynically taxing the playerbase.

Comment by p@tsh@t

Nice 🙂 I thought I’d commented here but I didn’t. I’m hoping that Lich King will do what Burning Crusade did, but I have this feeling that not too much is going to change. And if it doesn’t, that could be the end of WOW for me – for good.

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