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April 15, 2008, 2:27 pm
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I’ve known guildies who have conjured up RL romances through their virtual avatars in WoW. To the best of my knowledge, it’s never worked out. Personally, I’d imagine it’s extremely difficult (if not impossible) to forge a legitimate adult romantic relationship within the context of an escapist video game where we’re all running around as dwarves and trolls killing warp stalkers. But to each their own. Now some wing nut decided to offer sex to anyone who’d buy her an epic flyer. We’ve heard of RMT sweatshops. What next? RMT brothels?



My wife and I met playing EQ, and we’re honestly a very good match. You’d be surprised how things can develop. In our case, I played regularly with her best friend and one day she offered to “introduce” us. Long story short, we’ve been together for almost 7 years and married for almost 4.

As for the virtual harlot you mentioned above; you may have missed it but check the date on that story. Reportedly, both parties delivered. There is no shortage of depravity in the virtual or the non-virtual world(s).

As far as virtual brothels are concerned, I believe that those were in Star Wars Galaxies as early as late 2003.

It’s getting harder and harder to shock me. 😛

Comment by Genda

Didn’t realize this article was from over a year ago. Hopefully, the proliferation of dailies in WoW has made this “mount for a mount” thing a fad of yesteryear. Gives a whole new meaning to “pimp my ride.”

Comment by tenfoldhate

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