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…And they will know us by the trail of our cancelled subs
July 7, 2008, 10:55 am
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My MMORPG malaise continues. As of late, even MMO news has failed to throw a bone my way with any promise of excitement on the horizon. My real-life WoW group has been petering along ambivalently. We’re crawling toward level 50 hoping that some Alterac Valleys will help breath some life back into things–but most of our group has “been there, done that” so often, I’m not sure we’ll have it in us to run on that hamster wheel again. I’m confident its just a matter of time before one of us musters up the balls to have the “it’s not you, it’s me” conversation so we can all head off solemnly to greener pastures.

Age of Conan didn’t last long on my hard drive. I have the same complaints that pretty much everyone else who didn’t stick with the game had. Nothing new here. Though easy on the eyes–like Vanguard, AoC never felt like a world to me. Whereas V:SoH‘s Telon never felt fleshed out or stylistically coherent enough, my problem with AoC stems from the heavy instancing and absentee community. The beginning area in Tortage is just awful once you’ve played through it–eradicating any desire I might have had to create alts.

I enjoy the amusement park element of a guided experience in an MMORPG–as an OPTION. In WoW, EQ2, Vanguard, LoTRO, etc. you can run around clicking quest icons above NPC’s heads–but you can also explore and grind mobs if that’s how you opt to progress. Not the case with AoC. To get the hell out of Tortage, you have to be steered through the same intro storyline again and again regardless of your character’s class or place of origin. Not very “RP” of Funcom, is it now?

So, where has all my bitching and dissatisfaction left me this month? I started playing LoTRO again. I enjoyed my free trial last year, but despite all the things I really liked about the game, I wanted to try something less PvE-centric at the time. I still have to say this is the most visually impressive MMORPG out there IMHO, even a year plus after release. I created a dwarf guardian and a hobbit minstrel. I’m not quite sure which I’ll stick with, but I’ve made a pledge to my brother-in-law to catch up to his hunter at max level sometime before Turbine releases an expansion.


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I really really struggled with LoTRO… I liked its direction but it failed to grab me and convince me that it was worth my time. It felt unpolished in many respects, lacking the sheen and presentation of WOW. Is it unfair to compare everything to WOW? I find with every MMORPG that comes along it’s inevitable to do so.

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