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Warrior Priest Theoryhammer
October 1, 2008, 2:29 pm
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I’ve been pissing away my lunch hour reading through a bunch of Warrior Priest “theorycraft” (or would it be “theoryhammer?”). It’s making my head spin. So many decisions. All this crotchety e-peen talk of number crunching and builds when the game still seems so fresh, virginal, and moderately unformulaic.

So far, I’m still sold on the class. I like the idea of a healer who gets up on the frontlines and heals those around him by swinging his weapon (a percentage of the WP’s damage from certain strikes is converted to heals), while throwing “traditional” heals and HoTs at whichever tank or squishy healer happens to be in my proximity.

What I’ve found in scenarios at my present rank is simply throwing conventional heals just doesn’t cut the mustard, and my healing target tends to get cut down pretty quickly. A class that makes support healing challenging AND fun is very appealing to anyone like me who has played a classic cleric/priest/etc. and has all but fallen asleep at the wheel healing the D-List raiders in Group #8.

I’m excited to explore the PvE dungeons WAR has to offer and I’ll be curious to see where the WP fits into such encounters. Unable to crank out the DPS of other characters and with healing (that in my noobish opinion) more geared towards PvP-style close, chaotic firefights, I’m hoping there’s a need for their skills in the good old-fashioned dungeon crawls. Though I don’t envision myself doing a lot of PvE, (PQs and scenarios are just too fun to resort to tired kill-and-collect quests) I’m glad the option is there when I get the itch.


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I found in Elder beta testing at level 31 on raids I would HOT everyone, wade into battle, and then throw up more HOT’s. Really it is the best WP’s can do since they cant lay really big heal bombs.

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