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Should Mythic Rethink Public Quests?
October 15, 2008, 9:43 am
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I’m three weeks in and WAR is just as engaging as the first day I booted it up. Last night, my Warrior Priest became my first character to get his mount, I’m having a ton of fun with the fight mechanics of my Swordmaster, and I rolled a goblin shaman on the Phoenix Throne server to participate in the Warpath podcast guild started by Phillip and Stephen (whom some of you might know from The Drone Bay podcast). On a side note, I’m glad I didn’t roll a shaman earlier. The greenskin zone–and the shaman’s healing mechanics–are so damn fun that I probably never would’ve rolled alts if this had been my first.

This is the first Destruction character I’ve spent some time with. I’m not sure if it’s just Phoenix Throne or what, but I seem to have dodged the bullet on the whole “Destruction have obscenely long wait times for scenarios to pop” issue. Sure, scenarios don’t pop as frequently as they do for my Order characters, but the longest wait I’ve had during prime time for the Tier One scenarios was three or four minutes.

I must say though, the mail on Phoenix Throne is lagtastic. It took me a good five minutes to extract all my Collector’s Edition bonus items from the mailbox when I rolled the gobbo this weekend. This may have been remedied in yesterday’s patch, but I was having too much fun on my WP last night to check things out on the green side.

While Open World RvR on my main server (Chaos Wastes) is relatively healthy compared to some of the core servers where it seems people cling to that “open world is for questing/scenarios are for PvP” mentality, I’m sure we’ll see an influx of new players moving towards taking keeps and siege warfare over the next month or two as they reach level cap.

My only moderate gripe so far has been with the lack of public participation in PQs after I hit around Chapter 7. I’ve tried High Elves, Empire, Dwarfs, Chaos, and Greenskins across three different servers (2 Open RvR, 1 Core) and I’ve never had problems grouping for PQs through those initial chapters. I wouldn’t be so grouchy about it if I hadn’t gotten a taste for how fun PQs can be.

Though my lower level characters still see plenty of PQ action, since his late teens, my WP has had to grind out Stage One of each PQ repeatedly if I wanted to reap a particular influence reward. And as any WAR player knows, though easily soloable, Stage One is really designed as a group activity–since it frequently involves killing 50-100 mobs in order to set the more challenging stages of the event in motion.

It’s not that bad when it comes down to it–it’s fine filler when waiting for scenarios to pop–but it gets a little disheartening when Stage Two hits and it’s just you and some Witch Hunter staring at each other blankly, knowing you’re about to engage in a drawn out fight with a bunch of champions just to have the timer reset on you, or you’re about to receive a royal ass-kicking from a mob of heroes.

Do I think Mythic should nerf Stage One PQs to eliminate the grindy WoW feel of them for solo players? Not necessarily. How about nerfing Stages Two and Three to make them more accessible to smaller groups of adventurers? Absolutely not. Not if it means compromising the “public” in PQ. How about boosting rewards for players who participate in PQs? I wouldn’t.

As anyone who’s participated in PQs knows, those loot bags are pretty sweet as is. Is there a solution–or does there really need to be–in a game with so much other stuff to do? I think if there is a solution, it has to be something that does not compromise the integrity and initial concept of what PQs are. I just don’t know what the solution might be. After all, this is more a community issue than a design issue, IMHO.

WAR’s greatest strength is it’s greatest weakness–the reliance on it’s population to make things gel. But isn’t this what a massive, multiplayer game should be? At the end of the day, the bumper cars aren’t gonna drive themselves, kiddies.



Not sure nerfing stage two or three is a good idea, since they are there to ENCOURAGE grouping randomly. Of course it is a catch 22 when you can’t find people to do it with. So far I have had the most luck shouting in the zone (or the new region chat) and grouping people that walk by. Then make the group an open warband and advertise it. Usually I get all my influence capped this way.

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Well, I had an idea that would help out with this and a whole lot more…


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