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TGIF and Random WAR Thoughts
October 17, 2008, 11:43 am
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After tiring of huffing it to a war camp each night for the first flight to Altdorf so I could empty bags and hit the Auction House, I created a bank alt. I went with a White Lion. Does anyone else find it weird that there’s now a class in an MMO named after a hair band from the eighties?

And allow me to take this opportunity to state how happy I am that the hair metal power ballad is almost two decades dead-and-buried. Though things are seriously frightening in the good old U.S. of A right now, it wasn’t all wine and roses back then either. We have the scary talent of White Lion to remind us of that.

But even scarier then bad hair bands is my recent fixation with High Elves in WAR. I’ve hated elves of every shape and form as long as I can remember, whether we’re talking Tolkien, D&D, Santa’s helpers (yes, they’re not exempt), Oliver Stone’s Legend, or on a box of Keebler’s (that little bastard is not exempt either, though he makes delicious cookies). I never could stomach the new agey-ness of them or the too precious way they are always portrayed. But WAR High Elves have something that makes them palatable for me–something that makes me not want to pummel them (unlike Dark Elves, blah).

In fact, I’m enjoying my High Elf Swordmaster just as much as my “main” Warrior Priest. They’re still snooty, pompous, and pretty-as-a-picture, but WAR’s environment kind of forces them off that pedestal they are placed upon in much fantasy lore. They may THINK and ACT like they’re the prom kings and queens of medieval mythos, but in WAR, they’re not. They’re scrappy. They’re screwed. Fending off attacks from their Hot Topic reject cousins on one side, in an uneasy alliance with the crass humans and even more crass dwarfs on the other.

I know what you’re thinking. ‘STFU, you made a bank alt who’s an elf. Big deal.’ Well, for whatever twisted psychoses I harbor, this is a huge step for me. Thank you for listening.

My WP was busy this week, jumping from Rank 19 to 21–so this weekend, I’m planning on giving my beloved Swordmaster some exercise and working on my gobbo shaman a bit.

In other news, my WP earned the title “The Fashionable” last night. I love the armor customization options in WAR, so every time I get a new piece, I tend to head straight to a merchant to screw around with the dying options. Do this 25 times, and earn the title.

Previously, I’d stuck with the title “The Purifier”–which in my mind is pretty bad ass (and fitting for a WP). But the concept of heretics being hunted down by a bald guy in orange and purple robes with the title “The Fashionable” under his name is just too fun to pass up.



When the Children Cry, mail them about 10 seeds to sell on the auction house…

Comment by Hudson

Haha. Unfortunately, he’s on an RP server otherwise I could’ve named him after that moving White Lion classic.

= )

Comment by tenfoldhate

Dude, just be thankful they passed on the White Snake or Def “Leopard”…

We still may see the Slayer in our lifetimes though…

Comment by p@tsh@t

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