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October 29, 2008, 3:15 pm
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WAR has thrown my MMO play habits completely out-of-whack. You see, spring and fall are when I tend to forsake my more hermetic pastimes (MMORPGs) for RL endeavors, only to return to fanatic button mashing during the sweltering heat of summer or that dreary, post-holiday tail end of winter.

But after a month plus of obsessively playing WAR, I’m starting to feel the fatigue of returning to an MMORPG full force. The elements of the modern MMORPG I find lacking (and bitch about constantly) are really impeding/killing my enjoyment of the genre. I feel like I’m at the end of my rope with static worlds, leveling, and generic, respawning mobs. And I just can’t solo PvE anymore. No matter how hard I try. It’s mindless. It’s not challenging. There’s zero skill involved. And all I achieve from it is another notch on the level bar that has very little significance to me anymore anyway.

This got me to thinking, “Stripped of their multiplayer/more “social” elements, would any current MMORPG be more than just a massive pile of regurgetated, recycled suck?” Though I’m playing devil’s advocate to a certain extent, there is some seriousness to the question. Sure, the breadth and depth of the actual landscapes/zones in most MMORPGs is just breathtaking.

But at the end of the day, when I’ve grown tired of looking at the pretty scenery, it’s the casual, pleasant social elements of being in an agreeable guild (or playing with RL friends) that’s kept me in every single MMORPG I’ve played long after the game’s “best before” date of fun had long expired.

I don’t think we as MMORP gamers give ourselves half as much credit as we deserve for breathing life into the often flat, monotonous confines we’re given to play in.


I haven’t picked up a console title since 2005. In fact, the last console I owned was a PS2 I chucked last month when I moved into a new apartment. I don’t want to jump into MMO’s I’m looking forward to (like TCoS ) with a bitter, burnt out gamer mentality when they are eventually released. So, I’m thinking of picking up a PS3 while I cool my jets and take a little mental health break from gnomes, dragons, and grinding. Why a PS3? For the Blu-Ray player.

I know the PS3 doesn’t have quite the extensive range of games as the 360, but the fact that the PS3 always comes up when NCSoft (and obviously SOE) talk about developing games for the console, I feel like it’d be the wiser choice for me down the line.

Any console advice–either wii, XBOX 360, PS3, or otherwise? Probably won’t be another month or two before I lay out the cash for a console anyway.



So you’re right, for an MMORPG player as yourself the PS3 has more in the pipeline. If you’re thinking of trying out other genres then as you rightly say, the 360 has the better line-up but it also has the community and the price-tag. Based on the here and now, I’d say the 360 but thinking about the future, I’d recommend the PS3. I bet that hasn’t helped at all 😉

Comment by shoinan

I would go PS3, I would if I had to do it all over again. Plus Blu Ray is worth it.

Comment by Hudson

Any news? Have you joined the dark side yet?

Comment by shoinan

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