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November 11, 2008, 2:53 pm
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Over the weekend, I purchased my first PS3 games–LittleBigPlanet and Fallout 3. I’ve played through the first few introductory levels of LBP and have nothing but good things to say about this game. The physics engine is really cool and learning to negotiate the controls was easier than I thought after 3+ years away from any sort of console.

I picked up LBP at Gamestop where they had some leftover preorder cards floating around, so my sock puppet was able to add some neat “God of War” Minotaur and Medusa bonus outfits to his repetoire.

I only played Fallout 3 for about an hour, and quickly became bored with the constant cut scenes. Take my initial impressions with a grain of salt. I’m not a fan of FPS-style games, and prefer my RPGs from behind a keyboard and monitor. I’ll have a more balanced perspective when I muster up the energy to play more and get into the meat of the game.

I logged into WAR a couple times over the weekend. I had a great time Saturday night taking a keep in Ostland. We had a decent warband and Destruction put up a good fight, but we ultimately prevailed. Did I mention how much I love the Swordmaster? But outside of open world group play (which is usually a weekend guarantee on my server) I haven’t been very engaged with questing or scenario grinding lately.

Last night, I also checked back into LoTRO. My brother-in-law is a Tolkien fanatic and very casual MMO gamer who just got his main to max level in preparation for Mines of Moria. He’s probably gonna roll one of the new expansion classes, so I was getting my level 12 Guardian in shape for the influx of low level players who will no doubt be looking for a tank come late November.

After all this RvR hooplah, I could use some good old-fashioned dungeon crawls. And visually, LoTRO still puts all other MMORPGs to shame. Prove me wrong. The world is so damn pretty, I actually enjoy getting lost in it. I’m hoping some cooperative group play will cure some of the existential loneliness WAR conjured up in me too.


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Ah… so you went and got the ones I suggested. Except I suggested them after you got them. Hmm.

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