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Early Morning Mines of Moria
November 18, 2008, 8:54 am
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I woke up this morning to the LoTRO: Mines of Moria expansion fully downloaded and ready to go on my comp. Since my highest level character is only in his twenties, it’ll be a while before I experience the new content. However, I was most excited to roll a rune-keeper, the new healer/caster hybrid.

And so my dwarven guardian, Wurlormur, welcomed his new brother, Furlormur, into the world. Just had time to run him through the first few quests in the dwarf starting zone before I had to get ready for work. I have never managed to level a caster to any substantial level in an MMORPG. The closest I’ve come was the blood mage in Vanguard, so I’m hoping the LoTRO healer/caster hybrid suits me since I’m more at home with cleric/priestly types than glass cannons.

The new trait sets lend a much-needed framework to character-building. From what I’ve gathered, LoTRO has grouped each trait into one of three sets (or builds, a la other MMOs). If you equip five traits from the same trait set, you receive a nice set bonus geared toward whatever path you opt to focus on. I’ve only played around with this on my guardian so far, and for that class you have a trio of standard tank archetypes to choose from (a set for defense/damage absorption, a set for damage dealing, and a set for gaining/maintaining aggro).

These sets should really streamline the process of molding your character to suit your desired play style without forcing each player’s hand into a cookie cutter build.

I always thought of LoTRO as WoW’s prettier, smarter younger sister. Upon launch, I was so burnt from WoW endgame hijinx I needed a solid vacation from level-based PvE gaming, despite LoTRO’s stunning visuals; engaging story-driven quest lines; lack of raid-centric gameplay; and fun crafting system.

If I wasn’t so far behind the leveling curve, EQ2’s new expansion would be quite tempting, and after hesitantly trying TBC out last year, WoTLK isn’t a bandwagon I have any desire to climb on right now. Great game, but been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. So for once, Turbine’s timing is just right for me, having grown tired of trying to make my own fun in WAR and waiting patiently for TCoS to wash ashore in the U.S.

LoTRO was the first MMO I ever played where I felt crafting was more than a necessary evil. So if I don’t get too sidetracked by prospecting, jewelry, and cooking, I’m hoping my guardian will see the Mines of Moria at some point before work closes shop for the Christmas holidays.


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I can’t wait to get home and log in! I totally want into one of these crafting guilds.

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