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Back At It
October 23, 2009, 12:13 pm
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After a healthy MMORPG hiatus, it’s hard to believe it has been nine months since I’ve posted. I was in Champions beta for a wee bit, but got bored after clocking in a few hours of game play. Nothing particularly wrong with it–but there was nothing “right” for me about this game either. Plug highly customizable superheroes into the most tired, played out, massively multiplayer cookie cutter formulas. If that’s your bag, you’ll be pleased as punch.

It’s not so much that I’ve given up on MMORPGs as I feel MMORPGs have given up on me–or more accurately–turned their backs on fans looking for something they haven’t seen a thousand times before. Despite all this, I’ve been itching to play something, and that something equaled resubscribing to Warhammer Online. I’ve been playing very casually and having a swell old time in Tier One.

Mostly, I’m trying some of the classes I didn’t bother with the first time around (magus, shaman, and Knight of the Blazing Sun). Server consolidation, new open world RvR incentives, and 10-day free trials have made Tier One RvR a very healthy, fun place to spend a couple hours a night if you enjoy PvP.

Over a year after launch, I still feel this game has some of the best classes in any MMO–and the PvP is as close to being done right as anything out there at the moment. Which admittedly, may not be saying a hell of a lot. I love the Warhammer books, so being a tourist in that world again is a great deal of fun for me too.

That’s not to say there still aren’t issues.

1) While the outcome of RvR results in the victors having access to buffs, experience bonuses, and special vendors, these massive battles still have little to no bearing on the game environment itself (barring flight path accessibility). This is my old hang-up with all MMORPGs (phasing, while a clever immediate fix, would not be a cure-all).

2) Tier One RvR has been great–everything I’d hoped for the game the first time around. I had a blast RvR’ing a Knight of the Blazing Sun all the way through Tier One, but once I reached Tier Two, the RvR action quieted down considerably. I found myself back where I was left during my first go at WAR: queuing for scenarios. Again, these are great fun but should not serve as the focal point of a game.

The two Tier 3 characters I played after launch are on the last remaining Open RvR server. The pop on that server is painfully quiet so I really can’t speak to the Tier 3 experience at the moment.

If I could transfer these characters to a more populated server I would in a flash, but I think at the moment, there are no Open RvR to standard server transfers permitted.

3) After a few web browser searches, it appears the WAR blogging community is virtually non-existent–either burnt out, faded away, or simply not vocal enough. I know from my time back in-game, the players are out there. Are any of you WAR bloggers still kicking around?

While I’m having a great time, I’m not forgetting my initial zeal for this game that slowly faded after a couple months’ play when “War Is Everywhere” slowly began to feel like “Grind Is Everywhere.”

In my opinion, WAR’s Tier One experience is second-to-none and the vibrant Tier One RvR makes it the most casual-friendly game I’ve ever played.

My big question is, will the healthy Tier One population translate to the higher tiers as time goes by, or will I end up playing a bunch of different classes through Tier One and find myself hitting the wall I hit a year ago?

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