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Dragon Age: Origins (Believe the Hype)
November 4, 2009, 3:52 pm
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No single-player fantasy RPGs have really jazzed me in a really long time–the last two I stuck with through the course of the whole storyline were Neverwinter Nights and Sacred. Yesterday I picked up Dragon Age: Origins. From my initial impression of the game, this is just what the doctor ordered.

I installed the game at about 9 p.m. I’d tool around with the character creator a bit before bedtime. After creating a noble dwarf rogue, the only thing that got me away from the computer at 3 a.m. was having to be at work in 4 hours.

Combat is fast-paced and animated, but gives players the option to “freeze” the action and distribute tactics among party members a la the old school strategy games I was weened on (SSI anyone?).

There are three main classes to choose from (warrior, rogue, and mage) each of which have pretty detailed skill trees that allow you to tailor your character to your liking. Want your mage to manipulate the elements? Check. How about a shapeshifter? Check. Want to play your rogue like a classic ranger with bow, arrow, and animal companion in tow? You can. Or a duel-wielding cutthroat? You can do that too.

The storyline is extremely well-crafted (with plenty of betrayal and backstabbing in the 5 or so hours of the storyline–and there are 6 distinct origin storylines in all–I’ve played thus far). The voice acting is second-to-none, and the dialogue is never cheesy or melodramatic. Take note, NCSoft. I’m still giggly about the high cheese cut scenes and nonsensical plot lines I had to suffer through in the original Guild Wars.

If you’re aware of Bioware’s best work, you’re already familiar with the uncanny ability they have to make you feel as if you’re playing the staring role in some sweeping, intense epic story. They pull this off without a hitch in DA:O.

Outside of the fact that this is a single player and not a multiplayer RPG, the world feels a thousand times more than the standard MMO fare that seems to continually move further and further from its RPG heart-and-soul with each passing year.

This has all the elements of a classic fantasy RPG, with all the great bleeps, bells, whistles, and polish that today’s cutting edge game development can provide. I’m really looking forward to whittling away a nice chunk of the fall playing this game.

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