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The Final Frontier?
November 27, 2007, 10:15 am
Filed under: MMORPGs, Star Trek Online

Perpetual’s change in ownership has been confirmed. Last night, startrek-games.com had this to report:

“Perpetual has been acquired by new ownership, reportedly a media company looking to use Star Trek Online to make its first major inroads into the video game market. Along with the acquisition comes a partial retargeting of Star Trek Online to what our source describes as a “more casual” experience, one which may potentially eschew subscription fees in favor of the practice of charging real money for optional in-game items, a practice popularized by various Korean MMOs.

[T]here have been no significant layoffs with the change in management, [but] a number of employees have allegedly left the company due to a dissatisfaction with the new direction the game is said to be taking.”

Use Star Trek Online to make its first major inroads into the video game market?” “Partial retargeting of Star Trek Online?” This is the corporate speak of venture capitalists out to make a quick buck if I ever heard it. The direction the game seemed to be headed in to begin with was less than spectacular. Now microtransactions? I’m sure there are intelligent ways to handle microtransactions that keep the playing field level, but I haven’t seen them yet.

I realize as the industry expands, there will be a plethora of alternate payment methods for MMORPG players. Subscription fees aren’t the only answer, but I firmly believe that at this point in time, they are the best answer. Microtransactions give players a marked advantage depending on how much money they’re willing to throw into the game. Not my cup of tea.

My apprehension towards this game has turned into flat out disinterest before seeing a single screenshot. The Star Trek IP has such rich content, culture, and story to lend to a well-developed MMORPG. It’s a real shame this is the route the license’s new handler is taking. Well, at least there were no layoffs.

In the words of James T. Kirk, “K-H-A-A-A-N!!!”