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Back From the Holidaze
January 2, 2008, 11:18 am
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I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Not much to report here. Didn’t get a chance to try Tabula Rasa yet. I ended up giving the copy I ordered for myself to my brother-in-law. He and my sister are expecting their second kid this spring, so his window of opportunity for gaming will be somewhat limited once the new bairn arrives.

I used the LoTRO buddy key I’ve been sitting on since last spring, but by the time I returned from my week-and-a-half of holiday merrymaking, the 10-day trial was up. I guess some things just aren’t meant to be.

Speaking of things not meant to be, I didn’t renew my Vanguard subscription. It just didn’t offer me anything substantially different–or more fun–than the other fantasy MMOs out there. Telon never quite sunk its talons into me the way WoW did.

And speaking of the 800 lb. gorilla in the room, I finally installed Burning Crusade. Despite all my protests upon release, and hemming and hawing about Blizzard resting on its laurels by giving us more of the same dressed up in a different skin, the game is fun. They’ve learned how to incorporate rep grinding into questing a lot better and added enough new twists and tweaks to suck me back in like Pacino in Godfather 3.

I made some great online friends in my old WoW guild and was pleased to see that many of them are still there, proving yet again that it’s not so much the game you’re playing, but the people you’re playing with.



I gave back into WoW also. New shaman is level 20

Comment by pvthudson

I haven’t been able to get myself re-interested in playing Vanguard, either. I’m still playing WoW and EVE. I’m also going to give Tabula Rasa a run, thanks to Tipa pointing me at a free 3-day key. Stay tuned.

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